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 via Wikipedia. Famous relief from the Old Babylonian period (now in the British museum) called the "Burney relief" or "Queen of the Night relief". The depicted figure could be an aspect of the goddess Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of sexual love and war. However, her bird-feet and accompanying owls have suggested to some a connection with Lilitu (called Lilith in the Bible), though seemingly not the usual demonic Lilitu. The authenticity of the object has been questioned from its first appearance in the 1930s, but opinion has generally moved in its favour over the subsequent decades.

Eve sought consciousness of what is good and evil while Lilith was created with it. Who is Lilith? Who is this femme-fatale believed to be the mother of all vampires and the creator of demons of the night? Why is she still such a prominent character in pop culture across the world?

The Jewish rabbis were the first ones to notice the discrepancy in the creation of woman stories mentioned in the Bible. On the one hand, Genesis 1 speaks of the creation of man and woman as equals, created at the same time, in the same way by the same God. On the other hand, Genesis 2 talks about the creation of a subservient woman from the rib of Adam, the first man. Jewish texts and the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls talks about the first woman created equal to Adam as Lilith.

Adam’s Equal

Legend says that Lilith who was created equal to Adam resented his attempts to dominate her into submission and left him as well as the Garden of Eden to never look back again. This rebellious female figure has been blacked out of traditional religious text and culture and where there is mention of her, she is described as a demon of the night that gives birth to demons, seeks sexual domination over all men, and causes wet dreams.

In History and Pop Culture

Lilith is the antithesis of Eve. She is the mother of all women who stand for sexuality, divine femininity, and awareness. Though mentioned in 700 BC, the origins of Lilith can be traced back to 4000 BC – to Sumeria and the oldest records of civilization in the Near East. Theories abound about her and many believe that she is the original Mother Goddess demonized by patriarchal society.

In The Weiser Field Guide to Witches: From Hexes to Hermione Granger, Judika Illes states, “Some legends depict her as a powerful guardian spirit. No other spirit exerts more fascination over media and popular culture than Lilith. Her appearances are genuinely too numerous to count. (Lilith herself, or characters named in her honor...)”


She appears in the Marvel comic book series Ghost Rider (Volume 3, Issue 28) as a super-villain with powers of superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. Numerous books have characters inspired by Lilith. The 1984 novel To Reign in Hell by Stephen Brust showcases Lilith in all her splendor and sexuality as the love interest of Satan as well as Lucifer. In Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial text Lolita, Humbert Humbert is quoted as saying: “I can easily seek Eve, but I search for Lilith.”

Movies, TV Series, and Music Representations

Her influence and impact on movies, TV series, and music cannot be undermined. The Goddess Lilith is one of the most powerful characters influencing pop culture and fiction. She may be portrayed as an evil influence but her sensuality and dominant nature is always a part of the characters she inspires. Canadian documentary series The Naked Archaeologist has made the Goddess Lilith the main character of one of their episodes aired in Season 3, titled Lilith: Queen of the Night.

In the United States, Lilith is inescapable in popular culture! The television series Supernatural depicts her in a pivotal role in Seasons 3 and 4 where she is characterized as a super-sexual demon who was the first of all demons convinced to go over to Lucifer’s side. But if she is a demon she is not exactly someone to hang out with anyhow in the first place. Moreover, even cartoons and anime series have not be left behind. In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Lilith is introduced as the dark villainess protecting Mount Diabla. Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion introduces Lilith as the Second Angel and the progenitor of the entire human race.

Latest additions to the large body of Lilith inspired pop culture works come in the form of one of the most popular television series today, True Blood. Introduced in Season 5 of the series, Lilith is the goddess of the vampires – the second vampire to have been created after the first vampire, God. Depicted as the goddess and messiah of all vampires, Lilith is fast becoming a cult name in pop culture.

There are many references to the Goddess Lilith in music as well. Glenn Danzig’s Dark Aria II is an album that takes you through the story of Lilith. The popular band Genesis serenades the song Lilywhite Lilith. Sarah McLachlan has done her bit to immortalize Lilith by founding the music festival Lilith that predictably, showcases the larger than life women in the music industry.

The Many Facets of Lilith

Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s powerful painting Lilith depicts her in all her sensual glory. The Southport Atkinson Art Gallery houses one of the most iconic paintings ever to be made of Lilith created by John Collier in 1892. One look at the naked voluptuous figure of Lilith with the snake snugly wrapped around her form is enough to show you why she remains such an aphrodisiac for pop culture today. (Note, visual is partial view of Collier painting.)


Portrayed alternatively as the rebellious woman who was wronged and sought her own form of justice by becoming this mysterious demon of the night, Lilith is a perennial source of influence to writers, directors, and singers. Through all these pop culture representations, the one thing that stands out is that Lilith is a sensual goddess not to be ignored. There is no one she cannot ensnare and dominate. No man or God is free from the sexual domination and influence of Lilith.

The Other Side

Though there are many others who have never heard of her and believe she is about as real as Santa Clause or vampires themselves. Well, perhaps she should have been in the movie Ghost Rider because the movie did not pan out. 

Find Your Inner Goddess – Lilith

The eternal mystery that surrounds Lilith and the sexuality of her nature is best represented by GlamTribale’s Goddess Lilith inspired jewelry collection. Featuring handcrafted jewelry made of materials such as wood, batik, treesap, gems, shell, and bone amongst other things, each individual piece is designed to showcase the raw beauty and rebellion against conventionalism that symbolizes everything Lilith stands for.

Unlike Lilith, this gorgeous and majestic jewelry is real for certain.

The Lilith woman is unafraid to show what she believes in, she has convictions that she is proud of; her sexuality and sensuality are not to be undermined by anybody. Finding your own inner Goddess is guaranteed at GlamTribale with jewelry that is inspired by the innate characteristics of Lilith – smartness, rebellious, and raw sensuality.


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