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Inside every woman, there is raw power and a connection to the power source of the world. Goddess Diana embodies this raw sensuality and power that comes from knowing your worth and preserving it. Goddess Diana is the Roman patron of the moon. She is the goddess of all animals, nature’s bounty and is best known for being the goddess of the hunt. Over the years, she has been famously depicted with a bow and arrow followed by animals as she protects her sphere of influence. She chose to remain a virgin and is the patroness of childbirth and the protector of women and girls.


Goddess Diana is the daughter of Jupiter and Latona. Her twin is Apollo, the Sun God. The Greek avatar of Goddess Diana is Goddess Artemis. She is known to be fearless and aggressive and there are many depictions of the goddess and the qualities she embodies in pop culture.

Diana’s Influence on Religion

The virgin Goddess chose chastity and was revered in Ancient Rome, in Roman neopaganism and Stregheria. Her countenance has been depicted as beautiful and brimming with the youth and energy of immortality. Stregheria was an old religion in Italy that glorified Goddess Diana as the Queen of Witches. In those days, being a witch did not have as many negative connotations as it does today. Witches were simply the powerful and wise healers of the day. Though the origins of the goddess are incredibly old, her attributes and powers are not forgotten even in the 21st Century. The Wiccan belief devotes an entire branch to Diana. Diana Wicca celebrates the most feminine aspects of Divinity. Her name is said to impart energy, strength, and youth to women.

The Goddess of the Hunt, Diana is the embodiment of the strong yet level headed woman who is unafraid of her power and aggression. This should not worry anyone and it certainly did not worry her because she trusts herself and is always in control. She is the nature loving, soul seeking, and beautiful epitome of the sacred feminine. Her name means ‘light’ and it is believed that she created both light and its absence in the night from within herself. Of this, she gave power over light to her brother Apollo who became the Sun God and kept the beauty and power of the night to herself becoming the Goddess of the Moon.


Image: Diana and Actaeon, 1556-9 by Titian or Titziano Vecellio, one of three scenes from Ovid's 'Metamorphosis' featuring the goddess Diana

Representations in Pop Culture

Not only is the Goddess Diana still worshipped through beliefs such as Diana Wicca but the world just doesn’t seem to get enough of her! Even today, there are numerous representations of her in pop culture. The visual and dramatic arts, literature, painting, sculpture, and films have showcased the strength and power of this feminine goddess to full effect many times.

Influencing Literature & Shakespeare

From Geoffrey Chaucer to John Keats and Jonathan Swift, authors have made many references to the Goddess and her feminine mystique. She is mentioned with reference to wild animals, the woods, virgins, and as in the Goddess of the moon in Swift’s poem, ‘The Progress of Beauty’. Though many authors have drawn inspiration from Diana, perhaps no one author was as influenced by her as the Bard Shakespeare. Diana appears as her own self in his texts (Pericles, Prince of Tyre) and is also mentioned with regards to attributes like beauty and chastity. In the famous play ‘The Merchant of Venice’, the beautiful Portia claims, ‘I will die as chaste as Diana.’ The Goddess Diana is also known to be witty and ready with a quick repartee and presence of mind. Shakespeare alludes to these attributes in the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ when Romeo describes the fair maiden Rosaline as, ‘She hath Dian’s wit’.

Similarly, Diana has been given a place in the arts in the form of plays, operas like L’arbore di Diana and ballets like Leo Delibes ‘Sylvia’ who was cast as one of Diana’s chaste nymphs.

Painting & Sculptures

A popular figure like Goddess Diana could not have been ignored in the arts. With attributes like strength, power, agility and beauty, she has been the perfect epitome of the strong woman, the Huntress and in many other forms. She has been immortalized through paintings and sculptures created by masters like Titian, Nicholas Poussin, Rembrandt, and many others. A few of the famous depictions of Goddess Diana include ‘Diana Bathing with her Nymphs’ by Rembrandt, ‘Diana and Endymion’ by Poussin, and a variety of paintings by Francois Boucher. Giampietrino painted ‘Diana as the Huntress’ depicting her in the nude with her bow and arrow and a deer for company.

Her form has always been alluring to sculptors who have characterized her as a voluptuous woman unafraid of her sexuality and power. Artists and sculptors like Christophe-Gabriel Allegrain, Francois-Leon Sicard, and Augustus Saint-Gaudens have immortalized the beautiful Goddess of the Hunt.

Through Films and Comics

Jean Cocteau drew inspiration from Diana and her power in his film La Belle et la Bete and Diana is also depicted in Fantasia at the end of the Pastoral Symphony.

What many don’t know is that the Goddess Diana was the basis of the popular character Wonder Woman! The original ‘Wonder Woman’ so to say inspired William Moulton Marston in the creation of his world-famous female protagonist Wonder Woman. Progressive metal band Protest The Hero created the Fortress with plenty of inspiration from Diana.

Goddesses like Diana can never be forgotten or dismissed. Though she is characterized as a legend and a myth, it is impossible to ignore her. GlamTribale has a collection of Goddess Diana inspired jewelry created for the woman who finds attributes of Goddess Diana in her heart and soul. For the unafraid, powerful, and immortally beautiful woman, GlamTribale’s Goddess Diana inspired jewelry pieces are all the accessories you will need. Breathing of nature and the wild, every piece of jewelry will help project your strong personality and innate power to the rest of the world. Embrace your inner Diana and enter the league of the Goddess of the Hunt!

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